Oh, Sunshine, I love thee.

We are in Cherokee, NC for the day. Since we left off here last week from Bryson City, I’ll catch you up since then. It hasn’t been that long…. We hitched a ride into Bryson City and couldn’t figure out how to get back other than hitching. Then I remembered I knew people who worked […]

Blue Mountain Shelter

Chilling around the fire… There’s a dog under that coat! Tough hound dog and his owner, a gal from Montana. They breezed from Blood Mountain to Blue Mtn for a 20 mile day. Phew…!! Breakfast! Oatmeal…mmmm! Sometimes having a quick breakfast is better. This is my last scheduled post until we get to Fontana. So, […]

Neels Gap

Oh boy, was this place good to see. Burgers were cooking as we walked up. Oh, yum. Showers, laundry, relaxing for a long while. Sunning ourselves…. Leki (hiking pole) rep talking to people about their poles. Convinced Chris to put his baskets back on and to take the rubber tips off. Followed these people’s blog […]

Blood Mountain

This shelter was diiiirrrty! Ick, I can’t imagine sleeping in there. The only ones on the summit. Dude, it was cold. We had to hold onto everything while setting the tent up. Kept our bag in the shelter until we were ready to get in the tent. Coming up from the South…not too terribly bad. […]

Nearo and Zero in Bryson City

Hello friends! I hope that my posts have been somewhat entertaining. There are still several pre-posted entries to come until, I think, next Tuesday. Yesterday we got off the trail at the Nantahala Outdoor Center and hitched a ride into Bryson City. We hiked about six miles that morning from the Wesser Bald shelter and […]


This was a hell of a climb right out of Woody Gap. Freakin’ cold too with the wind. Had a hurried lunch by a log right near the top of this. Kinda too cold to enjoy with the wind. Most of the time you are walking along and don’t really see the view at all. […]


Did you think we’d get very far on the trail without finding something interesting in the plant world? This is some type of Lycopodium. We’ve seen several patches of it in some of the wetter areas. Very cool plants.

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