2011 | In Review

Miss 2010’s review? 2010 is here I’m going to recap 2011 a little differently than 2010. I always like doing these reviews because it allows me to see what exactly I did without thinking I didn’t do anything at all. Backpacking We thru-hiked the Florida Trail in January and February (and a smidge of March). […]

Two Sweetpeas

On Christmas Eve I did not get to see these two, my niece and nephew, for very long, only a few hours in the evening. They were both sick and Zoe was dealing with a reaction to the medication she was on, so my ideas of visiting them at their house were sacked. But, I […]

Top 5 Christmas List

Before I leave for the long weekend I thought I’d do a quick top 5 of my favorites for Christmas. Share yours! Movies A Christmas Story: My absolute favorite Love Actually Bridget Jones’ Diary Little Women It’s a Wonderful Life Songs Carol of the Bells O Holy Night must be by Bing Crosby Have Yourself […]

Lobsters | Retro Photo

Another photo from the old hard drive. This was in front of our old apartment in Melbourne, Florida, circa 2003. We caught these off of Vero Beach while scuba diving. Probably one of the most fun things we did in Florida and we surely didn’t do it enough. Good times…

Mini Harvest | Carrots

We planted the carrot seeds on October 3rd and they are just beginning to come into harvest time. We picked a few of the larger ones to determine if the rest were ready but from the looks of it I think we need to wait another week or two for them to fatten up. Any […]

Backpacking | Beginnings

Was going through an old hard drive looking for gallery worthy photos for the website and instead it sent me back into nostalgia. From January 2007… The sketchiest place we’ve ever pumped water from…but there was no other water! These are at Kissimmee Prairie Preserve State Park during our first ever backpacking adventure together. Who […]