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    Lazy Day with the Boys

    +The boys really enjoy the doors being open so they can soak up the sunlight. Samson especially is missing his ability to hang out for hours on end on a porch. We had a screened in porch everywhere we lived in Florida (very typical of Florida) and thus here in Texas that isn’t available and he gets disappointed. Leo was never really allowed to wander out on the porch because he makes a ruckus of things, but he too loves the sun. +Our Sunday was anticipated to be full of hiking but then the weather said it was supposed to be 70% chance of rain and t-storms. That never developed.…

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    A Short Stint in the Swamp

    What? A post from me on the weekend??? Swamp mallow leaves…. Two banded water snakes, well, this is the same snake, but there were two hanging out where we were in the swamp the last day I was out. +I ended up in the swamp for two days for work at the end of the week. Thought it was going to seep into the weekend but it thankfully didn’t. I was back in the Big Thicket where I was working last spring/early summer. It felt like coming home—which is funny because it is a swamp and very wet. +It got a little boring for awhile though because we had to…

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    Soup From The Garden

    We had a scattering of beets that survived a round of seed planting back in January. They were part of the bad carrot planting we had, rains too heavy and washing away the seeds. But a few stuck and it was finally time to pull them up and replace them with peppers. When we were pulling them I was reminded of this recipe from a new-to-me blog that I bookmarked over a month ago. I dug it up in my feed reader, looked it over and decided it was doable. As you see above, all of that came from our garden. The only thing that did not come from the…

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    Here, There, Not Really Anywhere

    March went by fast. I’m actually not sure what I did, or at least I feel like it just slipped through my fingers. Since January I’ve slowly been feeling the accumulating ‘meh’ that has come with Chris being gone in the field. With him having just about every other weekend off, and then during the in-between weekends I will visit him at his hotel for the evening, really that is only how much I see him. Of course we tend to cram everything we can into the two or three days he is off, talking about whatever issues we need to discuss, having mini-adventures, doing errands, napping, watching movies. At…

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    An Evening with 1.5 Million Mexican Free-tailed Bats

    While in Austin two weekends ago we took advantage of an opportunity to see the colony of Mexican free-tailed bats that live under the Congress Avenue bridge in downtown Austin. We didn’t really do much research when we got there only knowing about when to go (dusk—but earlier to get a spot in the crowd) and the location but when we arrived we quickly realized we didn’t know where to park. We ended up in the Austin American Statesman parking lot, which I am pretty sure we weren’t supposed to be in, but a few others were parked there and a gate was open to the little green space near…

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    The Climbing Canyon at Reimers Ranch Park

    One of our favorite areas to visit in the Austin area has three parks right near each other making it optimal for seeing the a variety of ecosystems right around the Pedernales River. Westcave Preserve, Hamilton Pool, and Reimers Ranch Park. The latter we have not had much of a chance to explore as it is newly opened and Travis county is still working on finishing the park. It will have many biking trails, rock climbing areas, and water access to the Pedernales River. We popped in Reimers Ranch just to see what was in the climbing canyon, not having much time to explore the park before we had to…

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    Magic in the Woods

    Finally sharing the rest of the photos I took when I went to the Gulf Coast Bird Observatory a few weekends ago with Keely and her boyfriend. These photos are from the grounds of the GCBO and the Wilderness Park across the bayou from GCBO. Nature is my medicine. ~Sara Moss-Wolfe

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    Me and The Goosey

    I had a whirlwind weekend up in DFW spent mostly with friends, dear friends, and a smidge of time spent with my family. Zoe got to spend the night at my parent’s house Saturday night which meant hanging out with Aunt T (me) a lot, only I had to leave earlier than I would have normally so I could spend some time with friends, particularly one that only comes to town every so often because she lives full time in California. It was an excellent weekend and I will share some photos soon. (I’m pretty sure Zoe has a mouthful of Fruity Pebbles, so hopefully you can’t see the chewed…