The Exploding Melon Bed

I should have taken a photo of this bed a couple of days ago before I trimmed up the vine on the left hand side, closest to the beans. It’s already impossible to walk between the bed and the eggplants on the right, but I really didn’t want to have both sides overtaken. The melon […]

Fig Love

Chris came in last night for the closing of our house today. We made dinner then went to find a nonexistent ice cream shop (thanks Google Maps) before heading to the garden. The heat has been brutal this week, 100* many of the days; the beans can’t handle it and neither can a few other […]

Rambling at Kleb Woods

It had been far too long since I’d spent any considerable amount of time outside, so last Sunday I decided to brave the 100* heat and go for a walk at Kleb Woods. I almost left to go at 1pm but waited an hour, thinking I would postpone until later in the evening, but I […]

Life Lately | Late June

+I was glad I had an entirely free weekend to spend hours in the kitchen putting away food from the garden. +I made five jars of spaghetti sauce, three jars of marinated peppers (and more will be made using this recipe further down in the UC Davis guide), and put away seven vacuum sealed bags […]


I thought of you off and on all day today, wondering if you knew that today you were finally going somewhere where your body would get the nourishment from the food you ate. A week ago last Thursday, when the phone rang, I thought mom was going to tell me about you, not about Grandad. […]

Summer in Photos: Week 1 | June

June 1: Black swallowtail caterpillar munching on some parsley June 4: Leo hanging out with me while I write some blogs. June 5: A cropped photo of what I’m 97% sure to be Venus exiting the sun during its transit last week. I took a bunch of photos but thought I didn’t get anything at […]

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