Grey Days

Yellow bird magnolia buds….these are going to be gorgeous! Winter thyme and a bunch of other seeds We had a sulphur and a moth hanging around during the cold days, not moving for a long time. Definitely alive, just chilling until it was warm enough to fly. One of the last weekends that Chris worked […]


Christmas is so much more fun now that there are kids around. It is complete mayhem too! My nephew looks like my dad here quite a bit, particularly in the hair department (sorry dad!). Zoe loves Kylie (original name Colley, Zoe named her. Short story: Sugar and Spice are Kylie’s parents. Sugar and Spice are […]

Action(s) for 2013

Now that we have been in our house for six months I feel like I can have a clear head again. The unpacking, updating, painting, this-and-that of moving into a house is time consuming and we’ll be doing it for awhile. However, my studio is basically complete. All I need to paint is a baseboard […]

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