Leo Says…

…don’t forget to change your blog feed reader service if you’ve been using Google Reader. It’s gone starting July 1st. I’ve switched to Feedly and based upon Elizabeth’s review to Bloglovin’ as a backup. They both have platforms to import your current feeds, but you can also type in Oceanicwilderness.com into either and add me […]

June Harvest

Black from Tula Ceylon Red German Johnson French Breakfast radishes Schimmeig Striped Hollow Strawberry Popcorn Striped Togo Trifle Black from Tula & Striped Togo Trifle Monster squash The heat is killer now. Sometimes I am tempted to get up early in the mornings just to work outside but then I laugh at myself and realize […]

Sweet Potato FAIL

For the last several weeks I’ve been noticing a very small, really tiny bug in our kitchen around our pantry. I’ve just swept them up or killed them if I saw them walking around, but I get bugs in the kitchen coming from the sink, up through the pipes from the septic tank, so I […]

Lunchtime Garden Ramble

I’m thankful I only live about 7 minutes from my office so I get to spend the lunch hour at home if I want. It’s nice to see what the garden is doing in the middle of the day, too. The bees are busy, building out comb and storing honey for the winter. From talking […]

Plants I Wish I Still Had

Last week Chris and I were in his truck and I had the strange thought…I really wished I had a gac vine. I know, strange thought there, but the peachy/yellowed colored blooms just came into my head and I began reminiscing about all of our plants in Florida then and there. So, I thought I’d […]

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