Harvesting a Christmas Tree

Chris and I have always wanted to harvest our own Christmas tree but since we don’t live in northern climes with fir trees and acres of our own forested woodland we made do with going to Spring Creek Growers for our first Christmas tree in this house. I haven’t decorated for Christmas in over five […]

Forest at 10 & 11 Weeks

I meant to get this out earlier this week, but here we are, days later. Oh well. Week 10 started off well, things were progressing in the sleep department. We were working our way up from 5-6 hours a night in the first stretch to a wonderful 7 hour stretch and then *bam* serious regression. […]

Loving Lately

+Patrice and Justin are hiking the Te Araroa trail in New Zealand…follow them! +You Know You’re A Hiker When… +The Girl Who Goes Alone +What Going For A Personal Record Can Teach You +Raw Chocolate Pie +Panic At The Drive-Thru—I had a similar experience in the Chick-Fil-A drive thru a few weeks ago. My word […]

The Garden’s Last Hurrah

The overgrown and weedy section near the bees. When I stole 10 minutes the other day to wander around the yard I also tinkered in the garden for a few minutes. My time spent enjoying the garden is practically non-existent now that the weather has turned cooler, the daylight is short, and I have returned […]

Before It’s Over…

I spend most of my commute to and from work oogling at the colors on the trees. There are a couple of sassafrass trees near the office that are a glorious apple red tempting me to soak in them, if one could soak in trees. Peak fall color is here now and quickly passing. I […]