Best of 2014

This was a year, y’all! On Christmas Eve this year I kept thinking “This time last year I had a hunch I was pregnant.” On Christmas I thought, “I was pretty damn sure I was pregnant this time last year and was keeping my hunch a secret.”, and remembering how much I was analyzing my […]

Forest at 14, 15, & 16 Weeks

The last three weeks have been rough here at the house. The three of us have been recuperating from being sick, officially diagnosed in Forest as RSV and an ear infection. I finally caved and went to the urgent care clinic and was told I had an ear infection and sinus infection. Chris healed easier […]

Influenster #FrostyVoxBox

It has been awhile since I had gotten a Vox Box but I was sent a survey from Influenster back in November to determine if I was going to fit their target audience for the #FrostyVoxBox. After I submitted it several weeks went by and I never heard back from them. I had submitted another […]

Forest at 12 & 13 Weeks

How are we already at 3 months old? Y’all???? *sniff, sniff* Forest’s growing up! There have been lots of changes in the last two weeks, he’s really shed that newborn baby phase and taken hold into the just-a-baby phase. Every day a new little light flickers in this brain, activating some other process that had […]

Giving Thanks For Breastfeeding

As is usual with my longer posts these days, they are always up later than I intended. So, here’s a Thanksgiving post a week late! There’s probably TMI for some of my readers, but that’s life and it’s my blog and I’ve gotta write what I’ve gotta write. Avert your eyes from this post if […]

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