Life In Words | Musical Association

My other themed post for the week is strictly writing based. It’s going to be mostly stream of conciousness/free writing/whatever it becomes. Not necessarily looking for comments or input, just want to be present and give my brain a creative workout. I’m driving down the road exiting off the main strip to the side road, […]

Forest at 19 & 20 Weeks

Forest has been really fun these last few weeks, not that he hasn’t been fun before. The difference is he’s changing daily! It was week 19 that we found out he had started rolling over from back to front at daycare. Chris found out one morning when he dropped him off and told me when […]

Life Snippets | 1

I’ve definitely felt the need to be quiet here lately but am slowly emerging from that. In an effort to be a little more present here I’m trying with two themed posts a week, hopefully Sundays and Wednesdays but I’m flexible. This will be in addition to the every couple of weeks Forest updates and […]

Current Favorites

A random photo from one of my Flickr photo albums taken in the Keys…’cause you know, photos are nice! +Can you Homestead with Kids? from NW Edible Life +Thoughts on Busy from Elise Blaha Cripe +My Favorite Organizational Tools from Natalie Creates +Just You Wait from Elise Blaha Cripe—FYI, never say this to a parent, […]

Forest at 17 & 18 Weeks

I feel like December was this deep, dark abyss that I was finally able to surface from in January only to be knocked back down once I took a breath. We were all pretty much sick for the entire December with Chris either relapsing or getting a different virus all together right after Christmas and […]

Mushroom Log Update

Almost a year ago I wrote over on Sprout Dispatch about starting a mushroom log. Yesterday I took a walkabout in the yard with Forest as it was our first bit of sunshine in nearly a week. I spotted that the mushroom log had sprouted mushrooms. Unsure if they were from the plugs or if […]

Mindful: My Word for 2015

It’s been two years or so since I last chose a word for the year. I didn’t opt for one last year because at the time I knew that it was really going to be ‘baby’ and didn’t want the hassle of trying to focus on something else. However, this year I need a word […]

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