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    Short Hike at Buescher State Park

    Rain Lily I think this is Vaccinium arboreum, aka: farkleberry. After we took down our campsite at Bastrop State Park we mosyed on over to Buescher State Park for some hiking before we headed home. I didn’t want to get home too late so we didn’t opt for a long hike. Chris put together a loop out of the park trail map that was about two miles long. Forest ended up falling asleep on the way over to the state park so I carefully managed to get him in the Ergo where he managed to fall right back asleep. It was overcast and not long after we got on the…

  • Hiking,  Outdoors

    Camping at Bastrop State Park

    Two weekends ago we finally went on our first family camping trip. We’ve tried to go a few times this spring but have had to cancel at the last minute for a variety of reasons. A weekend opened up and Chris was able to find a site at Bastrop State Park for one night. This state park and about 30,000 other acres were burned heavily back in September 2011. The area is very slowly recovering but much of the ‘lost pines’ that the area is known for was torched and is left standing as only canopyless pine logs. It’s pretty devastating and I can only imagine how gorgeous the area…

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    Tiny Garden Wildlife

    This little crab spider was hiding on the petals of the coreopsis. I’m unable to figure out exactly which crab spider species it is. I’m not sure exactly which skipper butterfly this is but I think I narrowed it down to either a clouded skipper, Lerema accius, or the olive clouded skipper, Lerodea arabus. It was flitting about on the ‘Hot Lips’ salvia. Teeny little bits of life in the garden.