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    Currently | Late August

    Tomatoes from two years ago on this date. In My Head I’m thinking about Autumn! I am so thrilled that the weather is thinking of cooling off and am very excited about camping and hiking trips! Going outside in the summer isn’t so bad for myself but we’ve kind of kept Forest out of it since he was so little this year. The heat just isn’t something to joke around with here, especially paired with the humidity. I will be happy to be able to get out in the yard on the weekends and in the evenings during the weekdays for a few minutes with him now! I’ve actually been…

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    Nature in the City | A Sunday Morning at Burroughs Park

    For an earlier trip here, see this post and this post. For most of the summer it seemed as if we were go-go-go or bury our head and do some kind of house project, well, that last part was Chris. August was our month to recuperate a bit, though Chris has been out of town for work a few times so he hasn’t gotten to recoup as much as he has wanted. We layed low last weekend but still wanted to do something fun and outdoors. The summer has been awfully hot as I think it has been for much of the country. Paired with barely any rain compared to…

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    Fishin’ | Forest Friday

    I haven’t done one of these in a long time but I’m trying to use my dSLR more often. Last night we headed down to the dock before it was time for Forest’s bedtime to watch Chris fish for a few minutes. I wrangled the camera and an almost 1 year old pretty well but it was a little difficult at times. I’m hoping to start this as a regular post during the week once again.

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    Return To Fitness | Almost A Year Postpartum Update

    Last last year I wrote about my return to fitness after having Forest. Since then I feel like I have come even further down this path to fitness and wellness. Some time after the New Year I decided that in order to really work on losing the baby weight and to get healthy once again I needed to take advantage of my lunch hour to work out. I am lucky that our office is next to a residential neighborhood and that we have showers at work. Working out at home in the evenings was just too much for me. It was doable but I felt like I was cramming in…

  • Appalachian Trail 2010

    5 Years Ago | Katahdin Summit and Appalachian Trail Completion

    It’s hard to believe our thru-hike of the AT ended 5 years ago! As I went back through and put together this video I was sad to see we did not take nearly the amount of videos I thought we had. Times are different technologically than they were 5 years ago. It almost seems like leaps and bounds different, though it really isn’t. Anyway, the video is really long. I only cut down or removed a few videos that were multiples, such as the timber rattlesnake and the beaver, and an epically long video at the bird feeder at the hostel in Vermont. But for the most part I kept…

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    Baby Gear | What We Used & What We Didn’t Use

    Last year when we were registering for baby gear it was hard to know exactly what we would and wouldn’t need. There’s a plethora of websites out there with reviews on the best this and the best that. Sometimes you just cross your fingers and hope you’re getting the right things! It all gets a little overwhelming. In the end you definitely realize that it is easy to go overboard with items that are just not needed. I know some people swear by wipe and bottle warmers and others eschew them. We were the latter. So, what did we use and totally love? What ended up not being necessary? Well,…

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    Forest & Me | Two Photos A Year Apart

    One thing I have really wanted to do this year but seemed to keep forgetting when the time came was to recreate photos I took last year with my baby belly only this time I’d have Forest out in front. Yesterday I was thinking about a set of photos I took in our bedroom last year about this time and tried to find what day I took them on last year. I ended up being a few days behind so I went upstairs for an impromptu photoshoot with Forest. My battery was low and I was running against the clock with a baby who was not interested in cooperating. Thus,…

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    Forest at 11 Months

    Another month down! Only a month left until his birthday! Food: Forest’s eating took a hit the first week of the month. He was still devouring his food right when we arrived in Port Aransas but he had a mild stomach bug before we all got hit with the bigger stomach bug, and paired with being in a new place, his solids intake went down to nil until we returned home to a normal routine. He has continued to eat the food I buy at the store but over the last few weeks we’ve tried going the yogurt puffs more often and he’s been eating them mostly with ease. He’s…