Currently: Late November

+In My Head I need to get back on the workout wagon this coming month. November ended up being a wash since I spent so much of it with vertigo. I still have the vertigo but it seems to be mostly when I’m laying down or when I’m dealing with a lot of action in […]


Typically Chris and I like to do something ‘different’ for Thanksgiving each year. It was something we started when we lived in Florida and had to decide about going home during the holidays. After the first year or two we didn’t really go back to Texas all that often, mostly because it wasn’t in our […]

Family Photos

A few weekends ago we got outside to take some family photos for our upcoming Christmas card. Here’s a few of my favorites from that day. Sometime I would like to hire someone because I’m just not going to be able to take some of the shots with the three of us that I want […]

The Weaning Process: Part I

I started this in early November in hopes of chronicling this weaning journey. Here’s the progress so far. Now that I’m 14 months into this breastfeeding journey with Forest I knew that at some point in time there would be a slow process of weaning. When he turned a year old I opted to drop […]

The Wildlife and Island Trails | Martin Dies State Park

On the Sunday of our camping trip several weekends ago we went over to the Walnut Ridge unit of the park to hike for the morning. We merged these two trails together to create a longer loop. There was no one on the Wildlife Trail while we were on it but a few people were […]

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