March 2016 Book Report

Read +Dragonfly in Amber by Diana Gabaldon: As I finish my third reading of this book, I have to say I have developed an appreciation for taking it slow and sussing out the details of this book and series. With any of Diana Gabaldon’s books, when they first come out it is a race to […]


Hi friends! I’m still here, just taking a little bit of a blog break at the moment. About a month ago I decided to buckle down and get down to business with finishing my book. The first round of editing was finally completed a few months ago but then I had to format the book […]

Early March Yard Ramblings

I walk around the yard these days and I get glimpses of life pre-Forest. I will never be that same person, have those same moments, but I get glimpses. It’s peaceful, and yet still incredibly fast-paced and definitely not still. Just being able to notice the sun (Earth) changing positions as it heads towards spring, […]

Forest at 18 Months

We’re deeply entrenched in toddlerhood. Except, when I look at Forest, I can easily see him as a little boy already. The baby-baby is long gone. It’s a fast and subtle change. It seems that every few weeks is a new transition, something that will throw us (and him) off for a few days until […]

Friday Five | 5

Downton Abbey!!! The series finale was almost everything one could want after several ‘blah’ seasons. You know, one character I never thought I would come to like was Thomas. Frankly, I think he and Edith might have become the better characters by the end of the show. And Bates? His character just went from loveable […]

February 2016 Book Report

Read The Lady Elizabeth by Allison Weir: I started this back in late January but didn’t finish it until sometime in mid-February. It was fairly long and took a lot out of me! However, I really did enjoy it. The author has several historical fiction books of this era that I want to read at […]

The Late Winter Yard & Garden

Justicia spicigera, Mexican honeysuckle Gladiolus dalenii A creeping violet thing that we’ve long lost the tag for. Prunus mexicana, Mexican plum blooms. Tomatoes in the vegetable garden. Bolting Chinese cabbage. Peach blossoms Sophora tomentosa, necklacepod The last of the cauliflower Sugar snap peas Carrots Our strawberries are finally looking like they will do well this […]

Current Fermentation Projects

Kombucha If you’ve been reading here for any length of time you may remember when I got into kombucha. I let my SCOBY go into the compost when I was pregnant and for much of the year after Forest was born but, I think it was last summer, my SIL gave me her SCOBY because […]

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