April 2016 Book Report

Read +Fire Season: Field Notes from a Wilderness Lookout by Philip Connors: I really loved this book! If you like to read stories about the outdoors, this book is for you. The premise is that the author is working as a journalist in NYC when one of his friends let’s him know that a fire […]

Friday Five | 6

It’s been a hectic week here (sickies, flooding!), so I thought it appropriate to have a Friday Five for some warm fuzzies! Patrice emailed me a week ago to say that she had spotted my little old blog on a compilation list of Best Backpacking and Hiking Websites of All time. Whaaa? Having spent nearly […]

Early April Garden Wildlife & Blooms

We’ve never had a ton of monarchs in our garden, not compared to what we had in our Florida gardens, but they’ve always been a transient butterfly throughout the spring and summer migration months here in Texas. This year, however, it seems as if we’ve had a few more than usual and some have been […]

Pedernales Wildlife

Wildlife at Pedernales Falls State Park was fairly abundant. There were a ton of doves, more than I’ve heard at a campground in awhile. It was a constant cacophony of doves cooing in the junipers. Some of the doves started sounding like barred owls, at least to me. Chris gave me the side-eye on that […]

Bees on the Borage

Ever since I planted borage a few years ago I’ve typically never needed to reseed it in the vegetable garden, it has always come up itself in late winter. Usually it comes up in a vegetable bed but sometimes it comes up in the middle of the pathway. This year we’ve left several plants in […]

Poking Around the Pedernales River

After we took a bushwhacking trail down the side of the ‘mountain’ from the Twin Rivers Nature Trail, we found ourselves walking adjacent to the Pedernales River. We walked along a wide ATV trail before Chris found himself a spot to fish for a few minutes. Again, I took the time to find little scenes […]

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