Magical Marigolds

I can’t remember where and when we bought these marigolds this year but sometime in the last few months they spread their branches and took over a corner of the garden. That was fine with us, really, because they looked good and really made the garden perk up a bit. My mom grew marigolds when […]

Monarch Life and Death

It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve seen a lot of activity in regards to the monarch butterflies. About two weeks ago, when I took these photos, there was still some adults flitting about and at least one new caterpillar but since then it seems the majority have moved south towards Mexico. I caught […]

Stronger Together

This was an unplanned post. This was me yesterday at lunch. I voted in the morning, wore a white shirt in solidarity because I don’t have a pantsuit that I can fit into, and happily cast my ballot for Hillary Clinton. Tears welled up in my eyes when I was getting dressed; it was going […]

This Boy

This is a fun age. I remember liking the toddler stage when I was around Zoe and Grayson, my niece and nephew, at that age. Every day is a new learning opportunity, where something clicks in his brain and new words sprout out of his mouth and phrases are put together. Sure, there are the […]

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