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    Life Lately | September 2018

    Thinking: View this post on Instagram Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. May all of our daughters grow up without her trauma but with her strength. A post shared by Jessica Dolan Clarendon (@jessicaclarendon) on Sep 27, 2018 at 10:03am PDT I’d like to add that may we raise our sons to assist us in dismantling the patriarchy and misogyny that currently guides our society. What the fuck — Jon Favreau (@jonfavs) September 27, 2018 Basically my same response when Lindsey Graham went down his spiraling tirade today. That is all. I spent the afternoon listening to NPR and I wish I hadn’t. I hadn’t planned on listening to any of it…

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    Lovely Lycoris

    The timing came together perfectly last weekend, the blooming of the yellow lycoris and the moody autumnal skies. The lighting was perfect post afternoon rain, when after keeping an eye on the lycoris flower buds for several days, the blooms burst open. I always forget that we have these planted here, tossed into the location sometime after we moved here and before we renovated this bed and built the others. They’ve done well though, reminding us for a few weeks every year that they still exist.

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    Forest Turns 4

    It’s hard to believe this little dude is 4! What happened to my wittle bitty baby? He’s now a wittle bitty kiddo with a mind of his own! Aside from the periods of whining that come from him, (“Pleeeeeeaseeeee!” after we’ve said no to something, or throwing himself in the floor when he doesn’t get his way) I would say 4 is a pretty good age. He’s been potty trained since just after turning 2 but its been in the last six to eight months when he’s just gotten good at heading to the bathroom by himself without reminders. We recently removed the toddler potty from the bathrooms and installed…

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    Sunday Sips

    My cousin Elizabeth used to do Sunday Morning Coffee posts (bring them back, Elizabeth!) and I used to do variations of something called ‘Sunday Reads and Listens’ but that just seems too long and cumbersome so in a nod to Elizabeth I’m changing it to Sunday Sips–a few things for you to read, watch, or listen to on your Sunday morning or afternoon. Watching: +Nanette on Netflix. When it came out back in the summer I saw several people and news stories talking about Hannah Gadsby’s stand-up act but I didn’t have a chance to watch it until last week. It is thought provoking while also funny because: comedy, but…

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    Forest Friday | Summer Boy

    I’m not sure if it is someone at daycare influencing him by complaining about the heat or if it is just a phase, but this summer was a bit like pulling teeth at times to get Forest to play outside for any length of time. Inevitably he would complain that he was sweaty and hot and I had to continually remind him that I was also sweaty and hot but we were playing outside and that’s the way things were going to go. Sure, when it was extremely hot we were hibernating indoors but most of the time were out during the cooler parts of the day. I’m hoping this…

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    Scenes from the Summer Garden | 4

    The last in my summer garden series! Thanks for keeping up! I promise to be more prompt in my posting of garden photos from here on out—or well, I’ll try! 😉 And like that, August brought ripening beautyberries, signaling the approach of fall. The gulf fritillaries like to pupate on the front porch pole, blending in quite well until they do weird things like this, their chrysalis angled out an odd way. That’s what usually gets my attention that they are there. This one eclosed properly later on, which I was thankful about. This was the first year the flame acanthus, Anisacanthus quadrifidus var. wrightii, in the front flower bed…

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    Scenes from the Summer Garden | 3

    This has been the Summer Of Okra for me. I put it in the place that okra loves—full sun—and let it go to town. Being as I’m the only person in the house who enjoys okra, I planted three short rows from seed we had from several years ago. We’ve only ever grown three types: Eagle Pass, Hill Country Red, and Stewart’s Zeebest, so it is pretty easy to figure out which is which once they come up and fruit. Yes, the seed was from unlabeled bags in our seed catalog! This year it was Stewart’s Zeebest and Eagle Pass. I would like to try a new variety next year…

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    Scenes from the Summer Garden | 2

    It’s been a good year for cicadas around here, lots of exoskeletons and dead full body cicadas can be found. As it is still quite warm here, they are producing their lovely sounds in the evenings, too. One of the last Formosa lily blooms. I’m going to save seed again this year so if you are interested in seeds let me know! Lacewing eggs. Compass plant, Silphium laciniatum and Ozark bluestar, Amsonia illustris seedlings on the potting bench. They have been the easiest of my native seed order from Prairie Moon that I received. The compass plant I tried to establish in the garden earlier this year failed to take…

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    Scenes from the Summer Garden | 1

    I had goals this summer to write regularly about the garden instead of letting my photos languish in their folders on my computer without processing them. Instead those goals came and went and I only ever processed photos in large batches and then never made the time to write about the garden. The result is that there are far too many photos and things to share about the garden for one blog post so I’ve drafted up several posts to share the summer garden from July through the first of September. The last time I shared a post specifically on the garden as a whole was The June Garden. Obviously,…

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    Pedernales River Explorations Part II

    Palafoxia callosa Cooperia drummondii Pluchea white mist flower—not sure, one of these three–> Ageratum, Conoclinium, Eupatorium I couldn’t find a white version in my Texas wildflowers book(s). Senna lindheimeriana While Chris fishes along the Pedernales, I usually take time to poke around the fringes of the rocks to see what plants or invertebrate wildlife may be lurking about to photograph. Sometimes Forest is with me playing in the rocks or whatnot, but as he’s gotten older he’s been able to follow directions and stay around with Chris while Chris fishes. We were out one morning along the river and as I was poking about looking at the early fall wildflowers…