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    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas, folks! I’m surrounded by gifts and wrapping paper and have turned the last episode (on Netflix) of Call the Midwife on to watch. Chris is cooking bacon and cinnamon rolls and Forest is trying his new and improved Kindle tablet out downstairs. Dusty is giving himself a Christmas morning bath on the back of the couch and Rusty, well, I’m not sure where he has disappeared to. Probably looking for bacon! Wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas and holiday season!

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    Salvia madrensis Blooms + Bonus Orchid Spikes

    A few years ago I bought a Salvia madrensis plant from the local nursery only to have it never make it to its late fall/winter blooming period as it ended up being nipped by a freeze. This year our very warm fall, soon-to-be winter, has allowed a new plant I bought earlier this year to actually spike and begin blooming. While a lot of the garden is attempting to rest, many plants are trucking along, though a bit weary. Salvia madrensis is not weary, as you can tell, and is rather lovely. I know eventually winter will catch up with us (I think?!) and it will move on into the…

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    Thanksgiving Out West

    I had better write something about Thanksgiving or else I will let the months pass by and I will never get around to writing here. And to be honest, I have never finished editing last Thanksgiving’s photos! Or writing here…or finishing up writing about Alaska. I truly have been trying to let go of my need to write chronologically and yet, here I am still fighting the desire. I believe the last time we set out for the Davis Mountains three years ago at Thanksgiving, we left on a Friday evening and stopped in Kerrville for the night. This time we left on Saturday morning, stopping in Sonora instead. Which…