2000-2009 In Review

Looking back, I can’t believe we’ve breezed through another decade. It seems the older you get the faster time goes by. I know this is because we grow up, get jobs and become entrenched in our daily lives that we forget the small things. Time keeps ticking and the seasons keep changing. And here we are another 10 years gone by.

I see a lot of people doing yearly reviews, but I thought I would do a decade review.

-I did my sea turtle internship which made me fall in love with sea turtles. This was between my sophomore and junior years of college.
-Went camping and tubing down the Guadalupe River with my friends and Chris.
-Moved out of the dorms and into an apartment with my friend Connie.

-We got engaged!
-Went to D.C. with Chris’ mom and step-dad, in May.
-Bought my wedding dress.
-Got a job at Moody Gardens—one I’d wanted for a long time!
-Turned 21. Subsequently got drunk for the first time. Ick. If you don’t drink, don’t let people who do tell you to mix your drinks (ie: hard liquors with wine etc…).
-Drove to Indiana for Connie’s wedding with three friends. Whirlwind weekend that was a total blast!
-Chris graduated college in May, we moved him to Florida at the end of December for grad school.
-I slept in the Atlanta airport on my way back from Florida because of a snowstorm in Atlanta. I was not pleased.
-Got my wisdom teeth out.

-Our friend Wes developed a brain tumor. Chris came home to visit with him for a weekend.
-I graduated college!
-Learned to scuba dive.
-Moved my stuff to Florida shortly after with my dad. We came back to Texas after.
-Chris and I went on a pre-wedding campout to Possum Kingdom State Park.
-We got married in June.
-I got my first real job in late July working for a major orange juice company in a lab. Loved that job! Loved the people! I was really lucky.
-Lost all of my college weight.
-Adopted Samson late in the year after we got back from Christmas vacation.

-We lost Wes early in the year to his tumor. Very sucky.
-I think my brother came to visit me.
-Volunteered with the Sea Turtle Preservation Society in the summer doing sea turtle nesting tours on the beach. Awesome!
-We discovered geocaching thanks to Chris’ dad. It became a serious addiction.
-Chris graduated from grad school.
-I lost more weight.
-Learned to crochet

-Visited my friend Stephanie in Jax.
-Went on a job search that took me to Miami. Got my second ‘real’ job doing what I do now.
-Chris got a job.
-Chris’ car was broken into in the Keys. His wallet and phone were stolen. My dad and I rescued him and his friend. Found the girl, got our money back.
-Leo showed up on our porch.
-Our apartment was broken into and my purse and keys stolen. (both incidences were within a few weeks of each other, so needless to say I wasn’t fond of Miami at that time).
-My friend Erika got married.
-My friend Michelle got married. (again). But to a much more awesome guy. 😉
-I ran my first 5K.
-We got teased by a round of hurricanes that went to the north of us. It was a premonition of what was to come.
-First trip to Colorado.

-Uber hurricane season. Katrina. Wilma. We had both. Wilma left us without power for six days. Katrina was mild when she came through here.
-Went to Colorado again! WOO!
-Started getting into gardening more.

-My brother married my sister in law.
-Started getting into art again; began by taking a drawing class
-Ran another 5K

-Met Marc and Eliana.
-We did our first backpacking trip, 30 miles through Big Cypress National Preserve on the Florida Trail.
-Chris found Little Slough…lots of ghost orchids!
-I went to Montana for the first time.
-Started gaining weight again. grr.

-Went to Bolivia.
-Fell in love with a dog named Baloo.
-10 year high school reunion.
-Zoe was born!!! (my niece)
-Saw my first panther

-Hiked the Ocean to Lake segment of the Florida Trail
-Went to Montana again
-Began taking photography more seriously
-Saw my first Florida bear

I know there is more, I could pilfer through my archives for a lot of it.

Au revoir decade of my 20’s. 30’s—-bring it on!


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