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There is always a book or a series of their youth that bibliophiles cling to fondly. Anne of Green Gables is one of them, but the other is The Babysitter’s Club by Ann M. Martin.

One Christmas, I think the year of 5th grade, 1990, I received books 1-4 and 9-12 in box sets. I was vaguely familiar with the series but quite soon they became an attachment. I devoured the series, re-reading them over and over again. My daybed was against the wall that I shared with my brothers room, but not pushed all the way down towards the east wall, creating a cozy nook. I would pile up pillows from my day bed, grab my soft Strawberry Shortcake sleeping bag and make myself a reading nest.

This was the perfect place to avoid getting hit with chores, as I was tucked behind the bed.

Eventually, years later, they would become tattered on the edges. My favorite babysitters were the first five, Kristi, Claudia, Stacey, Mary Anne and Dawn. I could identify with all of them: Kristi as the tomboy, Claudia as the artist, Stacey as the blonde, Mary Anne as the book worm and Dawn as the earth loving girl.

I babysat a few times growing up, not enough to ever form a club. I don’t even know if I had enough friends who babysat. The Babysitters Club always seemed to have their own escapades, and seemed slightly older than their initial 12 and later 13 years. I felt like they were more of a mature 16, but lacking access to a car.

So, today I find out that Ann M. Martin is writing The Summer Before, a prequel of sorts with Kristi, Claudia and Mary Anne. I think I will just have to get it and make myself a cozy little nook for about the two hours it’ll take me to read it!


  • Jessica

    I was just sharing this with a girlfriend a few days back! I pulled out a bunch for her to read on her bus trips and we were reminiscing. I would save up all my allowance just to buy that month’s release. 🙂 I love that they’re being republished – albeit updated for today’s girl group.

    Hehe, we’re going to have to exchange reviews!

  • Kasie@~The Art of Life

    I love, love, loved the Babysitters Club!! (And Anne of Green Gables.) I was definitely a bookworm too. It makes me so happy to see that my daughter is already starting her love of books. I’ve thought about looking for the Babysitter books for her but I wonder if they’re a bit too advanced yet.
    ~Thank you so much for the Christmas card! I could not find what I did with your address. I looked and looked. I still have a card for you if you’d like to email me with your address.
    ~Hope things have been going great!

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