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We’re working through a big cleanup of the house at the moment, tossing things we don’t need, want or use.

Mind you, our house is freezing right now, at least to South Florida standards. We tried the heat last night but it didn’t come on—such is life for people we warm blooded folk down here in the South who never utilize their heat. Instead we are piling on the sweat shirts and blankets on the bed and talking the cats into heating the bed up a little for us. Hey, it’s bad enough we’re getting freeze warnings tonight and probably tomorrow night. That’s not good; Florida is the vegetable growing center of the U.S. during these times of the year, tomatoes, corn, beans—you name it, comes from around here this time of year. Oh, and don’t forget Florida’s cash crop, citrus! Everyone is bracing for good news come sunrise, instead of destroyed crops.

But, I digress. It’s cold in the house while we are cleaning things out. As I’m cleaning items out, so far four bags of clothes for Eliana to give to her mom to send to Colombia, I’m wondering why I kept some of them for so long. A few months ago I did a similar routine and gave a bunch of clothes to Goodwill. This time around it was a bunch of winter clothes that haven’t seen the light of day in nearly 8 years. Not only do I not wear them, but some of it is probably out of fashion. I also cleaned out three drawers of t-shirts that when I did a t-shirt go-through a year ago I decided to keep. Now I’m wondering why I even bothered.

I’m looking with a very critical eye at some of the stuff I have. I have a feeling books are going to take another hit.

I saw a photo of a random bedroom and said “wow, so clean and pretty.” My bedroom—not so much.

As how this relates to mindfulness, I guess I’m just trying to be mindful of the items I get now. I stopped buying random beauty products several years ago because I realized I had a never ending supply of lotions, bath gel and perfumes. Now, I pick one lotion out from my stash and use it until it’s gone.

Another aspect of mindfulness came this past weekend while we were camping. Chris and I were arguing about something and our words just made me think. I have come to realize I need to stop and think more about what I’m saying or how I react before getting in a frenzy. It’s not worth the arguing. This is going to require a lot of work, I know.

Good things about the ‘net today:
Contentment: The simple things can make a person perfectly happy. It doesn’t take much.
Vintage Looms: I used to have (still do somewhere, maybe, mom??) one of those looms you make potholders on. Oh, here we go, something like this. The trickiest part was trying to finish the ends!
What’s in a Name: The end sentence is my favorite, the one about the response. I’ve decided that I am going to start speaking up when people call me Little Misti. My name is Misti, yes I’m short, and my last name is Little, but I don’t think it is cute to call me Little Misti. I usually give a little laugh and try to change the subject. Yes, I know I’m short. Does it need to be pointed out? Should I call *you* Crooked Nose Jim? Or Dumbo Ears Julie? Or Point Chin Kyle? No. So, why is it ok to pick at being short?

(I should note, that is mostly for strangers. There is a difference when friends and family are joking around, though I realize sometimes words hurt from them, too. Then again, why are we letting it hurt us? I could maybe try to think of Eleanor Roosevelt when she said “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” Talk about having a hard time working on that one!)

PSA: Eliana is running a 5K in February to raise money for Cat Network. Please give her a boost and sponsor her run here. If you are a reader of Oh She Glows you can be entered to win a raffle of $25 to Glo Bakery.

What are you being mindful of this New Years? Or at least trying to start off on the right foot with being mindful…!


  • Moosie

    Yes I have the looms stil. someplace. Here here on the speaking up!! And I could go on with the inferior thing. But won’t. Yes family and friends say things too.

  • Chris Hind

    speaking of crops. did you see the pictures i posted to my flickr? fruit and spice park got spanked. i came by to take pictures and chris rollins tells me ‘did you bring your crying towel?’

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