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Samson and his Snuggie

Samson hasn’t made a post here in awhile, so today I decided to capitalize on the fact he was looking adorably sweet on the bed with the Snuggie. I got the Snuggie in a gift exchange at work and the instant I brought it home it was stolen from me by Leo and Samson and immediately it became theirs.

Samson, Warm in his Snuggie

Even Samson's need a Snuggie
See, all warm and toasty in the Snuggie. Chris and I were both off today for dentist appointments and when we came back in the house after being out a few times we found both Leo and Samson snuggling together on the blanket. It was 56* in the house this morning—still no heat working. It was colder in the house than outside for awhile today.

I’ve watched this over and over and over again, but I get such a kick out of it:

Originally via my my brother’s blog.

Apparently Zoe’s new favorite word is kitty. The “Mao” part is the best! I have the smartest niece, if I do say so myself!

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