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Sunset—New Years Eve on Turner River Road

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Chris and I got off early on New Years Eve and decided to hit Big Cypress National Preserve to capture the last sunset of the decade. We also were aiming for photos of the Blue Moon but were unsuccessful due to clouds in the east that prevented a decent moon rise from being seen. The only glimpse we saw was for a few minutes but it was still partially hidden between the clouds. By the time it was up and shining, it was dark and we couldn’t find a decent place to take a photo.

Alas, all I have are a few sunset photos from that night. My favorite is the first one:

sunset nye 1

sunset nye 2

sunset nye 3

sunset nye 4

sunset nye 5

The clouds made the sunset, I think.

The wind was producing some very awesome clouds and on our way out we saw a rainbow up in the clouds from the ice. Alright, some Google-ing produced the real name, circumhorizon arc. This was our second one in about three weeks; the last one we saw with my dad when he was here a few weeks ago. We didn’t get the cameras out in time, though.

Stay warm everyone. Looks like today we’re going to make 75* just in time to turn around to 57* and 55* over the weekend. Ick.

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