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Sanibel Sunset

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I’m finally trying to finish up our Christmas weekend trip to Sanibel. Here are the sunset photos from the day after Christmas. All but the last were taken at Blind Pass, the pass between Sanibel and Captiva islands. The last was taken at the last public access beach on Captiva.

sanibel sunset 1

sanibel sunset 3

sanibel sunset 4

captiva sunset

Sanibel Sunset
This one is Chris’. I like it…very wild and untamed look to it.

I always feel a little reluctant to leave the beach after a sunset like that—a sad goodbye to a great day.

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  • Chris Hind

    the most incredible sunset i’ve seen to date was in naples. it was literally a combination of teal and orange. shortly after i dumped the pictures to the harddrive and before i had uploaded them to flickr. the motor in the drive failed. i still keep the drive in the hopes someday i can recover it along with lots of underwater video. =(

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