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Sewing—Up Close

sewing machine
I got a wild hair last night. I decided to try reversing my lens. Chris actually bought a mount for this awhile back and has played around with it, but I never did. I wasn’t even taking photos last night, was actually working on an uber large quilt (more on that in a minute), but I saw these…

And decided I had to give it a whirl. I mean, itty, bitty quilting pins??? Perfect!

pins 2
You really need a lot of light for this so I put some lights on it and turned my ISO to 1600. If you have a mount, you could probably get away with it being lower or if you had a tripod, but the depth of field is so tight in this, you really can’t shake all that much.

What I did:Used this link on MCP Actions, that I saw a few months ago. It’s like instant macro without a good macro lens. And the bokeh is groovy, too. I tried it on the cats but they moved too much, but the ones that I did get showed some awesome, tiny hairs! My goal is to get a closeup of one of their eyes.

Good Things for Today
Meghan is going to be hosting a little photo critique/contest of sorts very, very soon. In fact, you should actually subscribe to her blog because I have a feeling it will be a great up and coming photography blog. She’s got a fire lit under her—good things are coming her way! She also has a little giveaway that is super simple to enter. Try it!

-More photographic experimentation over at Kern Photo. Excellent bokeh!

An interview with a photographer that is new to me, Rebekka Guðleifsdóttir. Yeah, I can’t pronounce that, but it is a great 30 minute bit.

As for the sewing thing, I am on a mission to finish a massive t-shirt quilt of all of my college shirts. Or the ones I salvaged. Sewing large quilts is probably not the best idea; I don’t know why I came up with it. It’s going to be hard! I also have to work on another quilt for the new niece, who’s new name I am resisting because she was Abigail in my head for almost two months before I was told they changed it. The tiny, unborn person already had a name and identity and now I’m having a hard time thinking of her any other way. I wonder if the only aunt has any persuasion in that matter? I doubt it! hah! Don’t forget—->only aunt!!! The one who will spoil her rotten and let her stay up late and eat all the junk food in the world and go on shopping sprees…!!! 😉

Still working through others photos but I am in the midst of some things around here, too, so here’s to hoping for more writing this week.


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