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Ashleigh’s Blanket

I’ve been procrastinating making a blanket for my new niece who is due sometime in April. I was going to crochet something but sometimes my heart just isn’t into crochet, especially blankets these days. They’ve worn out their welcome after years of being on a blanket making frenzy. So, this time I went with a quilt first. Now, I am not a great sewer by any means so there are tiny blemishes on this that I wish I could fix but it will have to do. It turned out pretty good, but I am still in love with the one I made Zoe for her first Christmas last year, seen here…and can you believe she was ever that small?

Ashleigh's Blanket
This is the front, though either side could really be the front. I bought this fabric at Joann’s and went back and forth with the pattern and settled on this. I liked the variety of colors.

Ashleigh's Blanket
The back. I had the blue satin already in my stash and decided it was great to start with, soft and very bright. I ended up hand sewing the ribbon on because, again, my sewing isn’t perfect and the thread was sticking occasionally, probably my machine needs to be aligned somehow.

Ashleigh's Blanket
On the nine corner on the front I put a bit of embroider thread for accents.

Ashleigh's Blanket
Close up of the edging.

Working on cleaning up around here today.

I’m thinking of doing some TTV experimenting even though I lambasted is a few months ago. I was/am mostly annoyed the insane amounts of posts of only TTV on blogs. But, it has grown on me a bit and I am interested in trying it out at least once. My only question is that I wonder if I need one of the types of cameras that they are talking about or if I can use a regular 35mm type camera and build my light blocker differently?

I still need to take my Stranger Photo Challenge photo, but I am being a big weenie and don’t know how to approach it. Oh, I should mention—it was my idea to make strangers the subject! Go figure…see, I’m a weenie.

Off to listen to Pandora and hit the chores…fun!


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