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Meh Monday

My mind isn’t here, for various reasons but one of them is because my sister in law, Stephanie, is in the hospital right now. I’m getting my information second hand from my parents, but from what I understand she went in for a check up and found out the baby hadn’t grown in the past three weeks. She’s 26 weeks. After some tests they found out not enough blood was getting to the baby and well, there are various things going on, but the important thing is that it is possible this baby may be premature. Possibly as early as the next few weeks or six weeks from now, that is unless they can get everything on track and keep on a good progress.

So, my thoughts are over in Texas at the moment and if you are so inclined, send good thoughts and prayers their way. We don’t want little Ashleigh to be born too early! And we need her momma to rest up and stay healthy.

Think about the Samson, too, he went to the vet for a dental cleaning and he’s still all woozy and funny acting. I’ve gotta play nurse with him and shoot him up with pain meds and antibiotics. They had to extract an infected tooth. Poor fella.

I think this is a chocolate in bed while watching tv kind a night.


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