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Tomatoes Make Me Happy

Wrinkly Tomato

I’m going through some older photos from the past years. No tomatoes this year. But, they make me happy. They are the perfect plant, I think. They smell divine, their fruit is delicious and they are just so pretty.

Cherry Ranch 204

We still have tomato sauce from last year. Not a jar of spaghetti sauce bought in this house all year!

My mind is wound up these days.

I follow Chris Guillebeau in my email and have been for awhile. He said something in a recent blog post that stuck with me:

“The road not taken.
The destination not explored.
The adventure not pursued.
The life unlived.

If we’re going to lose sleep over something, it seems to me that those are the things that should keep us awake.

Life is dangerous. It’s risky. It’s worth it. ” via this post.

And a little Rilo Kiley helps, too.

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