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    Chris & his Handmade Frame

    Chris had found some old wood during a hike awhile back, probably at least a year ago if not more, and it had been laying around. Before Christmas we decided we were going to buy ourselves a Christmas present in the form of a photograph from a local photographer we both like, Paul Marcellini. We ordered the photo and he picked it up from him on Christmas Day, but we didn’t have the frame yet. The past few weeks Chris has been working away, making a mess, too, and made a really awesome frame for the photo. He bought some acrylic and foam board from our friend Kathy who works…

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    My brother asked me last night how I liked the cold weather. I replied that I was ready for it to go away. He’s in Texas where they’ve had more snow than I can remember this past month. A month ago I would have enjoyed it, the holiday season, etc. But, it’s just too cold for me now! Yes, living in gardening zone 10B, where we push the tropical zone limits and enjoy all sorts of beautiful plants that love warmth and humidity, has made my blood too thin. I’m the iguana that hangs onto the tree, hoping not to fall off when it gets too cold. I’ve almost gone…

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    Sanibel Sunset

    Until I get the comments working again, I’ve put in my old commenting system that you can use. I’m finally trying to finish up our Christmas weekend trip to Sanibel. Here are the sunset photos from the day after Christmas. All but the last were taken at Blind Pass, the pass between Sanibel and Captiva islands. The last was taken at the last public access beach on Captiva. This one is Chris’. I like it…very wild and untamed look to it. I always feel a little reluctant to leave the beach after a sunset like that—a sad goodbye to a great day.

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    Sunset—New Years Eve on Turner River Road

    I know, comments aren’t working. boo on you wordpress…trying to get up up and running soon. Chris and I got off early on New Years Eve and decided to hit Big Cypress National Preserve to capture the last sunset of the decade. We also were aiming for photos of the Blue Moon but were unsuccessful due to clouds in the east that prevented a decent moon rise from being seen. The only glimpse we saw was for a few minutes but it was still partially hidden between the clouds. By the time it was up and shining, it was dark and we couldn’t find a decent place to take a…

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    Samson and his Snuggie

    Samson hasn’t made a post here in awhile, so today I decided to capitalize on the fact he was looking adorably sweet on the bed with the Snuggie. I got the Snuggie in a gift exchange at work and the instant I brought it home it was stolen from me by Leo and Samson and immediately it became theirs. See, all warm and toasty in the Snuggie. Chris and I were both off today for dentist appointments and when we came back in the house after being out a few times we found both Leo and Samson snuggling together on the blanket. It was 56* in the house this morning—still…

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    Mindfulness and Ramblings

    We’re working through a big cleanup of the house at the moment, tossing things we don’t need, want or use. Mind you, our house is freezing right now, at least to South Florida standards. We tried the heat last night but it didn’t come on—such is life for people we warm blooded folk down here in the South who never utilize their heat. Instead we are piling on the sweat shirts and blankets on the bed and talking the cats into heating the bed up a little for us. Hey, it’s bad enough we’re getting freeze warnings tonight and probably tomorrow night. That’s not good; Florida is the vegetable growing…

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    The BSC

    There is always a book or a series of their youth that bibliophiles cling to fondly. Anne of Green Gables is one of them, but the other is The Babysitter’s Club by Ann M. Martin. One Christmas, I think the year of 5th grade, 1990, I received books 1-4 and 9-12 in box sets. I was vaguely familiar with the series but quite soon they became an attachment. I devoured the series, re-reading them over and over again. My daybed was against the wall that I shared with my brothers room, but not pushed all the way down towards the east wall, creating a cozy nook. I would pile up…

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    Florida Trail: Hickory Hammock to Hicks Slough (Avon Park Air Force Range)

    This weekend, like last year, we went on a backpacking trip. This year we started off at the Hickory Hammock Florida Trail trail head on U.S. 98 between Sebring and Bassinger with the intentions of just walking north until we felt like turning around to come home. We got a late start on Friday after sleeping in a bit and then driving the two hours north. Before we left we checked the weather and weren’t too pleased with the forecast—rain and then a cold front right behind it. It didn’t start raining until we entered Lake Placid at nearly lunch time. We took some back roads to get to the…

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    2010 One-Little-Word and Intentions

    For the past two years I’ve participated in Ali Edwards’ One Little Word theme at the beginning of each year. My first word was in 2008 and was explore which I did by going to Bolivia and doing some creative explorations. My word last year was calm, which I’m not sure I really kept to or not. Frankly, I forgot what the word was until I just looked it up in my archives. I think I’ve learned to be a bit more calm in the last half of the year, not flying off the handle as much. Chris could tell you yay or nay to that one. I was debating…