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Packing, Packing, Packing

Ok, so there isn’t a ton of packing going on this week, especially since Chris got back on Friday and we are just kinda getting back into the swing of things.

Saturday we spent the day in the yard, cleaning it up and getting it ready for the plant sale. It was a big pain but it made the yard look so much better. A big pile formed at the end of the driveway for the trash man (and women if there are any). Sunday we held the plant sale, cloudy as it was. We had our first sale back in November and managed to sell a lot of the orchids. If we’d been as organized as we were this time, we’d of done even better back then.

The one thing we learned this time around was to have back up signs. Apparently the city has sign meanies out there who pick up yard sale signs in the medians. This time we came prepared and put new signs out after they’d picked the first round up! Score for the Aggies!

The best person to come by was a lady who told me to load her car up and give her a price. So, load her car up I did. Chris added the price up and knocked a bit off since she took a lot off our hands and then he even drove over to her house to help her deliver some of them!

The worst person was this guy who thought we must’ve been in a Latin American market somewhere and was trying to make a deal. I was peeved when Chris ok’d him taking a 7-8′ loquat tree and a spoonleaf plumeria for $10. And the loquat had fruit. We’d had the plumeria for $10 and the loquat for $15, which were steals to begin with. The guy came back later when we were about to leave to take a look and he wanted our cotton plant and then he was eyeing the ylang ylang. He wanted the 10′ ylang ylang for $35 (HELL NO) along with the cotton. I told him to take the cotton and we basically shamed him into leaving. Top Tropicals has a 3 gallon pot for $50. Ours is at least 10-15 gallons. This was one plant we weren’t cutting deals on. And some of the orchids, too.

Alas, the ylang ylang is still in the back yard and I’m hoping someone on Craigslist will bite; someone did email me but hasn’t responded to that email yet. Everything else will probably end up on Freecycle soon.

Tonight we put more furniture out on the bulk trash pile for the week since our bulk trash gets picked up this week. I’m pretty sure it’ll be gone tomorrow afternoon since we already had people drive by and take the grill and our porch swing.

Slowly, things will get packed. I can’t believe we have 8 days left at our jobs. The insanity! Our route back to Texas has been planned and tonight we were scouting how we were going to get to Amicalola Falls State Park in Georgia to start the trail. So much left to do: planning food drops, getting things at REI, mentally and physically continuing to prepare and well, moving!

So, that is where things are at the moment.


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