Mushroom-y Thoughts

three mushrooms
One area I’d like to improve upon is my identification of mushrooms. Right now it is nil. Nada. Nothing.

mushroom closeup
They are such intricate creatures, fungi. These are beautiful; the white and brown are such a beautiful combination.

mushroom edge
Find a good piece of rotting material, wood, animal, excrement, whatever—and up grows a mushroom. Sometimes over night.

mushroom group
I’ve been struggling lately with the idea of leaving Florida. I do have a Florida post brewing in my head, but my problem is mostly because it was here in Florida that I really learned to see nature around me. I learned the ecosystems and started learning to identify plants and animals and took a deep appreciation to it all.

mushroom abstract
One of my bff’s Michelle is great at putting things back into perspective. To her, I’ve conquered Florida. I’d disagree—there’s a lot I haven’t done here. But, what I took from it was that there is beautiful things to explore everywhere. Tiny mushrooms exist in Texas. Ghost orchids don’t, but I shall have to find something else rare and exotic. Kemp’s ridley sea turtles might suffice. So, today I sat down and refreshed myself on the eco zones of Texas.

I don’t know how it is in other states, but Texas history and geography is very important in the school education system. Or at least it was when I grew up. I mean, Texas was it’s own country…! We take things seriously. But, instead the Everglades, sandhill regions, and the hardwood hammocks of Florida, I will learn about the post oak belt, the cross-timbers, the piney woods and the Edwards plateau.

And it looks awesome.


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