Appalachian Trail 2010

Almost the Last Day

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So, last night Chris summed it up pretty simply while talking to his mom on the phone. We’re unemployed and almost homeless. I’ll add on to that: We’re unemployed, almost homeless, practically without health insurance and all by choice.

Yesterday was our last day of work. I actually did some work in the morning but the afternoon was a wrap up of goodbyes and being a bit sad. The ride home from work was in a slight daze, me trying to remember to look at the scenes and take it in before I wouldn’t see them again. I was kicking myself for not taking some photos of the cleared out culverts on US 41 because the pond apples there are very cool looking right now without their leaves.

And then, I was home and it was over. These past four weeks after I gave my notice I kept wondering if we were doing the right thing. I knew we were, but we were making good money in professional jobs and you know, the economy sucks right now. But we both talked about it and multiple people kept telling us that we couldn’t wait forever for anything to be perfect. The economy could take years to recover and by then it would be too late for us to go on this adventure. So, it is what it is. We have a cushion of money for the next 7 months and hopefully it will support us well enough and we will have to be frugal for awhile.

Today we are finishing up the packing, cleaning up the house and I know we’re going to be exhausted. Tomorrow we’re having breakfast with Kathy and Randy and wrapping things up at the house and taking off to Orlando to stay with some friends. Then Monday we’ll drive half way to Texas and Tuesday afternoon we’ll be in Texas. Hopefully the 1′ of snow that fell there will be gone!

I haven’t gotten to my Florida post yet, but I will do that next week. I have a list of places every person should visit once in Florida. I’ve got a post scheduled for tomorrow and might or might not write one on the road on Monday night.

If not, I’ll “see” you all in Texas.


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