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Le Sigh

We finally made it to DFW today around 5pm. The perfect time for traffic. We had smooth sailing the entire trip until we hit Dallas rush hour and then a few key places near my parents house in Tarrant county.

I have to be honest, it was hard to leave Florida. When we passed Pensacola and into Alabama I felt very sad. Through Alabama and Mississippi, where we stayed last night, I felt lost. It subsided a little once we entered the western part of Louisiana and then, finally, east Texas. But, it feels weird being back home.

It’s home, but not home. A limbo state. And there is snow on the ground and it’s cold. In Ft. Lauderdale it will probably be 70 or so. Bummer.

The cats survived the car ride and we ended up not letting them out until we got to the hotel and then to my parents house. The hotel was ok for them but the house here is not good for them. My parents have two Boston terriers that just want to play and chase and the cats are not into that. I think they will come around with the other cats, but they are scared of the dogs. Which is a little odd because they lived with a big pit bull for a year and a half, but Baloo didn’t chase them.

Hopefully in a few days they will calm down and be normal again and the dogs will get some discipline and learn not to mess with the cats.

Tomorrow we have to take care of chores: insurance, phone, a trip to REI and some plants we brought with us that have to go into my brother’s greenhouse.

Did I forget to mention that it is cold? I don’t have much winter clothes.

I have gotten to see Zoe, but she doesn’t like me too much. She doesn’t remember me and all she wants is Mimi, my mom. It’s Mimi, Mimi, Mimi all around here. With a smidge of Paw Paw. (Or Pa Pa?) Oh, boy, what a handful she is! Tomorrow we’ll get to see Ashleigh.

More tomorrow. I need to take some photos. Chris saw some roadrunners today. I missed them.


  • Brenda Garza

    Hi Misty!
    WOW already in Texas. I remember all your planing for this trip (almost a year I think), and now its concrete. I feel a little sad I did not see you again, after our last get together. Anyway, I feel happy for you guys, and can’t wait to read about your adventure. Well, Florida is pretty cold now, were in the 40s, so it’s not tropical weather for now. Enjoy your family and get ready!!!


  • Chris

    Glad you guys made it there ok. It will take time for you AND the cats to adjust, but it’ll all work out, I’m sure. Zoe will come around, too. Kids are like that.

    Thank God for the internet…it sure makes distances seem smaller. Keep posting and and some pictures as soon as you can!

  • Jessica

    Awww, if it makes you feel better you could be up in bitter cold Canada. 😉 Are you guys planning on heading back out to Florida after your adventures? I can’t wait to live vicariously through you! 🙂

  • Marc

    Congrats on making it home! The good news is that you guys are totally flexible with your next move after the A.T. So, you could always drive that POD back to Florida and set up shop back in The Sunshine State. The possibilities are endless … you could go anywhere!

  • Heather

    Kids are funny like that. I figured out that one of my little cousin-in-laws loved to hang out with me, but only when I wore my coconut lotion! 🙂 She loved the beachy smell. Anyway, coconut lotion and food bribes–might work. . .

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