Appalachian Trail 2010

Blood Mountain

Blood Mountain Shelter
This shelter was diiiirrrty! Ick, I can’t imagine sleeping in there.

Our tent set up on Blood Mountain summit
The only ones on the summit.

Chris & Misti on Blood Mountain
Dude, it was cold. We had to hold onto everything while setting the tent up. Kept our bag in the shelter until we were ready to get in the tent.

Coming up from the South…not too terribly bad. Kinda neat with the snow. Coming down…steep..can’t imagine coming up from the North. Oh, this is the mtn where we lost the trail and went down a rock face without needing to…and though to ourselves when we got down that boy, was it sure good we didn’t have to go up it. And then we went back up it. HAH! Sometimes the white blazes hide.

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  • Patrice

    Misti, Just wanted to say I am thoroughly enjoying your blog! You are so descriptive and that helps in my own planning. So I appreciate it! Good luck with the upcoming Smokies. It seems more and more thru-hikers are trudging through according to the trail journals, but many others decided to skip over. Happy hiking!

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