Blue Mountain Shelter

Blue Mountain shelter fire
Chilling around the fire…

Blue Mountain Shelter
There’s a dog under that coat! Tough hound dog and his owner, a gal from Montana. They breezed from Blood Mountain to Blue Mtn for a 20 mile day. Phew…!!

Breakfast @ Blue Mountain Shelter
Breakfast! Oatmeal…mmmm! Sometimes having a quick breakfast is better.

View from Blue Mountain

This is my last scheduled post until we get to Fontana. So, ‘see’ you in a few days.

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4 thoughts on “Blue Mountain Shelter

  1. Hi Misti,
    You mayn ot get to read this but I wanted to say thanks for keeping us up to date on your ‘walk’. Trail life doesn’t look as rustic as I thought it was going to be. Please keep posting when you can.

  2. Marc says:

    Lovin’ it! How is the rain situation, and rodents in the shelters?

  3. Chris Hind says:

    you guys get to really live. the rest of us are shells of people sitting in our office jobs watching the years tick down till we die.

  4. Gator Man says:

    Hi Misti & Chris!

    Hope you are having a great adventure! I’m having fun watching your progress from South FL.

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