• Appalachian Trail 2010

    Alive and Well on the Rollercoaster…of loooovvvee…hell really.

    Posting from the Bears Den hostel where we are taking an afternoon respite from the heat and the Rollercoaster of Northern Virginia. It’s like being thrown back into Georgia and seems to be Virginia’s way of saying “get the hell out of my state, you’ve been here for 500 + miles”. In a few more miles we’ll be in West Virginia and sometime after that we’ll be at 1,000 miles. Tomorrow morning we’ll roll into the mental halfway point of Harpers Ferry. The real halfway point is probably later this week in Pennsylvania. We’ve been pulling crazy miles lately; breezed through the Shenandoah in five days. I have a lot…

  • Appalachian Trail 2010

    Quick Update

    Misti’s brother here. She called me late this afternoon and wanted me to let everyone know that they are doing fine. Alive and well. They are in some town right now, but there is no computer access. They have had a rough last couple of days. Heading to Shenandoah National Park this week and are looking forward to blackberry milkshakes. Should be checking in at Harper’s Ferry. That is all.

  • Appalachian Trail 2010,  Family

    What I think about

    We got back on the trail on Tuesday afternoon and it is now Saturday and we’re in town. What I’ve thought about most of the time during the past five days has been my family and especially Zoe and Ashleigh. Every day I would think back to what went on a week ago and what we were doing at that moment and well, it was a tough five days to walk. I can’t help it. It’s not just Zoe, but I miss everyone. It was really effing hard the second day back on the trail. Yesterday was the first day I felt “trail normal” again, but I don’t know how…

  • Appalachian Trail 2010

    AT Best of: Springer Mountain Mile 0 to Pine Mtn Mile 500

    Reviewing the ATC book for all of the “best of’s” was a good review to remember what we’d done for those first few weeks. Time seems to creep by and go so fast at the same time. Items are in no particular order unless I otherwise specify. Best Views: Tray Mountain 4,430 elev MM 56.1 Albert Mtn 5,250 MM98.0 Siler Bald 4,600 MM 112.0 Rocky Top 5,440 MM 181.6 Charlies Bunion 5,905 MM 208.5 Bradley’s View 5,200 MM 213.8 Max Patch Bald 4,629 MM 252 Lovers Leap Rock 1,820 MM 273.2 Big Firescale Knob 4360 MM 295.7 Overmountain Shelter 4550 MM 379.2 Little/Hump Mtns 5439/5587 MM 380.8/383.0 Best Section: Newfound…

  • Appalachian Trail 2010

    Cypripedium acaule, Pink Lady Slipper Orchid

    Climbing out of Pearisburg my dad spotted a flower. Turned out to be a flowering lady slipper orchid! SWEET! We’ve seen lots of foliage but haven’t seen anything in bloom yet. On the way out on Wednesday we found a whole bunch of them! Pretty nice to see! I wondered how many other people walked right on by and didn’t notice? Sometimes you get involved in the one foot in front of the other and forget to look around—rather, if you look around you end up tripping on a rock or stump.

  • Family

    A Sweet Farewell

    The last few days have been difficult and hard on everyone. Today it seemed as if finally some of the strain may have lifted a bit as the funeral for Ashleigh was today. She had many, many people in attendance, so many for her 104 days here on Earth. When I think back at the last time I saw her back in March and then at all the photos I’ve seen of her since then, it is still very hard to imagine that she is gone. Looking at her eyes in the photos, and in the videos with her moving about—-it’s tough. We saw her yesterday in her pink gingham…