Appalachian Trail 2010


Timber Rattlesnake - Black Phase
One other thing PA is known for are the copperheads and timber rattlers that hang out in the rocks. We were at a shelter just inside the PA border one morning when Chris had just gotten out of the shelter and onto the wood platform below. I’d just let the air out of my mattress when I thought I heard someone else letting theirs out too. Chris looked at his electronics bag thinking it was making the noise, when we looked at each other and I said that I thought it was a snake. Sure enough, right behind my boots was a timber rattler, pissed off that we’d woken up. Hah!

Timber Rattlesnake - Yellow Phase
Later that afternoon we were at another shelter when this one came out of the woods. Chris got a really cool video of it but we are having a hard time uploading it to YouTube.

Unknown snake - anyone know the ID?
Then we saw this eastern garter snake, which I don’t mind seeing. I’m not looking forward to jumping rocks and watching for snakes. Ick.


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