Appalachian Trail 2010

Random Shots from Vermont

Misti's Birthday Dinner
My birthday dinner in West Hartford, VT. The General Store is right on the trail so stop in and have a sandwich, ice cream and pizza!

Rock cairns.

Clarendon Gorge
Clarendon Gorge. Worth stopping to swim! The climb out is a pain though!

Lake reflection
Little Pond

AT & Long Trail diverge
See ya later Long Trail! (though I kinda want to go back and finish it!)

Misti departing 'The Bus'
Getting off the bus from Rutland and back onto the trail.

Birthday Suit, White Blaze, & Ceviche
Some southbounders, Birthday Suit, Ceviche and White Blaze. Yes, that is a pit bull!!


  • Chelle

    omg white blaze is beautiful!!! i bet you gave that one lots of hugs and kisses!!!!!!!

    you are so beautiful my friend! i miss you terribly and can’t wait for you to be home! i hope you had a wonderful birthday and i think your shirt is about to FALL OFF OF YOU in that top picture! lol


  • Red Hat

    Hope you had a great birthday, whenever it was. Mine is today and I celebrated with a zero in Fishkill, NY. I went to the movies and relaxed. But tomorrow I head north again. Can’t believe you two are already done with the Long Trail portion! NH is so close, you may be there by the time you get this. Have fun and hike on!

  • Meghan

    Looking goooooood, Misti! Thoughts: 1) take a pic with your Aggie rings to send to the magazine – maybe they’ll write you up since you’ve traveled the whole way with them! 2)You and Chris look like such tough bad asses in that pic with the sign – love it! 3)Are they hiking thru with their dog? Too cool! Hope you guys are doing well, your journey is almost over. Keep up the good work!!


  • mom

    You can have a birthday dinner when you get here! Steak or mexican or whatever you want. I think you need a cake too. Miss you and love you. Mom

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