Four Goals and Overwhelmed

Katahdin Awaits!

So, it’s been two days since we went up Katahdin and ended the hike. Yesterday felt pretty ok, like a zero day, just relaxing in town. Today, well, it was back to the real world in a way. We’re still on a vacation of sorts, but we went into the biggest town we’d been in since our short trip back to DFW in May and it was a bit overwhelming. So much stuff….everywhere! Our goal of the morning was to hit up a Goodwill after going to Best Buy to get a new GPS since we think ours was stolen from my mom’s luggage in the airport.

Goodwill was nice and we scored lots of clothes for a cheap price. In Millinocket we hit up a small thrift shop that had much more women’s clothes and I was able to get myself clothed like a normal person, but Chris only bought a shirt. Apparently mens jeans are hard to find. We ended up in a few different thrift stores throughout the day and it left me with the desire to attempt to try to buy from thrift stores in the future. Being on the trail you are constantly wearing the same outfits and being thrifty with everything you use. Not only is buying from a thrift store more environmentally friendly, it’s easy on the wallet too. Being jobless and all.

Eventually we made it to Bar Harbor to walk around. At first we thought the downtown area was pretty small, a typical tourist town, but we walked up a few blocks and discovered it was much larger than we first thought and I couldn’t believe how many shops there were. We didn’t cover everything, or even half of it, but it was overwhelming to see so much “Stuff”. There were some great shops with art, a nice whale museum and some nicer tourist places, but it also had the same old junk you find at any tourist town.

We went to Acadia National Park for sunset, driving to the top of Cadillac Mountain. We made out Katahdin in the far off distance. Not sure what we are up to tomorrow. We may head back into the mountains; there are 17 people supposedly summiting tomorrow including several people we know. I’d like to try to intercept them in Millinocket if possible to see them one last time. I think we’ve got a whale/puffin tour on the agenda for Sunday! WOO!

As for the four goals thing, I read on a few blogs (talk about being overwhelmed….I’ll be deleting a lot of blogs I read on my Reader….too many and so much to compare my tiny little blog to) about four end of the year goals. Since I just finished one gigantic goal I am going to leave out the obvious goal of finding a job and focus on some smaller goals.

  • Build a Texas photography portfolio
  • Stay physically active and begin running four times a week
  • Actively work on doing art and start putting together a website for art and photography to sell
  • Take at least two short backpacking trips
  • I hope I can manage that.

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