The Ocean

Yesterday Zoe got to play in her pool, she is such a water baby. While jumping up and down to give me some big splashes she tells me that she’s swimming in the ocean. The girl has imagination! She’s swimming in a teeny tiny kids pool and think she’s in the ocean! And I started […]

The Morning Gang

Behind the scenes at Goose Island State Park, on the pier. Discussing the morning’s catch…. Friends drop by to say hello and see where lunch may be at… Hey Bob, how’s life treating you? Just fine Jim, just fine. Loving the weather, aren’t you? Guess I’ll go now, see you later!

Turtle Love

Ah, sea turtles. I love ’em! I think the first time I saw a sea turtle was when one popped its head up for some air while I was swimming in the Gulf of Mexico off of Port Aransas growing up. At first I thought it was a sea snake, but upon closer examination I […]

Growing Up

Mom and I took Zoe to the park yesterday morning so she could feed the ducks and to play at the playground. The Fall air is so glorious that I wanted to be outside in it. Zoe is certainly growing up and she’s so fun to be around, unless she’s throwing a fit for some […]

Wonderful Fall

Leading up to the Autumnal Equinox it really felt like summer was going to keep on going. The heat was stifling, the flowers that bloom this time of year seemed to be stalled and the leaves on the trees were holding back. Then it seemed like, BOOM! And everything is like Fall, complete with the […]

Miss Kylen

I’ve been wanting to take pictures of someone other than my niece for a long time. Not that anything is wrong with taking her photos, but I need to practice on someone else! My opportunity was with one of my bff’s, Michelle and her daughter Kylen. Today I finally got my chance and even though […]

A Few more of the Zoester

It’s funny, only a few weeks later and she’s already changing. Mom and I were remarking her face is changing again and her attitude is different. She’s also happier to go to her little girl potty for a tinkle than she used to be. My brother was cooking up lunch or something when I was […]

Texas Road Trip: Palo Duro Canyon State Park

I think my favorite state park we went to was to Palo Duro Canyon. It was so beautiful and red! This photo is Chris up on the Lighthouse Peak. It is a 3 mile hike out to the peak and not too rugged in my opinion, but then again I have varying degrees on what […]

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