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Wildlife in Dinosaur Valley SP

Our biggest wildlife score was seeing a fox run across the main park road one evening as we did an evening ‘animal run’. Dusk and dawn are the best chances to see wildlife, usually deer, but this fox crossed the road. It startled me at first and I went through coyote, wolf, and bobcat before I registered that it was a fox. Chris even had to say the name before I could get it out.

Grey Fox #1
Mr. (Ms?) Grey Fox was nice enough to linger in the grass long enough for Chris to grab his camera.

Grey Fox #2
Then it took off running!

Of course there were plenty of deer!

I’m trying to id this little butterfly but am having no luck. My Florida book doesn’t seem to have it and I don’t have a Texas book yet. Anyone?

Our campsite was surrounded by male and female cardinals. We had one bright red male that was being chased by the females, or maybe he was just trying to court them. He flew to the grill and scouted around for some leftovers and came out with a piece of popcorn. He carried it over to the bushes where he gave it to one of the girls! Little flirt!






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