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Roadtrip Roundup

bug flower 2
What I thought was a milkweed bug, but I’m not sure so someone id it for me, on a yellow flower in Palo Duro Canyon State Park. Check out the pollen it’s kicking up at the top right!

Our whirlwind road trip across Texas is now over. Somewhere in the middle to late part of the trip I got a little exhausted thinking in photos. Thinking about what to shoot, angles, techniques and trying to go above and beyond. It was just a bit too much, I think. When we got to the beach on Mustang Island I just wanted to sit and be, to relax and love the water and salty air.

So, as for the photographs I will be separating them into blog worthy and into those I am saving to post on our, hopefully soon to be, photography website. I think a few saved ones may end up here, too, but I want to save them. Right now I am also trying to come up with a work flow plan. I want to keep track of where my photos are, also write down what edits I do with them in Photoshop just in case I lose the copy and need to go back to the original.

I’m also trying to find my niche. I want to do landscapes but I also feel that sometimes Chris and I shoot very similar things, especially in similar places. At some points I preferred to go down a different trail than him so that we had different things. I was very excited about one shot I took at Palo Duro Canyon and then I flipped through some of his stuff and saw he had something very similar. Drat. I suppose we’ll just see who has the better one? Chris is also into panoramas and stitching photos and I’m not, but I did try one that I want to put together. I also took a lot of reverse lens macros and am thinking of doing a diptych series of some of them. Does anyone know of any macro photographers that I should be studying from? I kinda Googled a bit the other night but I didn’t see any one particular website that jumped out at me, it was mostly websites that talked about macro or about the top macro photos.

A few list type things:
-I am planning on doing more Nature in the City posts.
-In the same vein I am going to start a Local Coffee series. I had some local coffee in Port Aransas at a place called Coastal Waves and it was really, really good. The place had photos for sale on the wall, oversized comfortable chairs…a nice place to go.
-A free Messy Canvas ebook is now out! I downloaded it but haven’t had a chance to read it yet.
Grace Potter and the Nocturnals has a new album out and I really want it. Badly. I need a job, too, so I can buy it. Or maybe someone to buy a photo! heh!
-I updated my “About” page. I plan on updating my header and sidebars soon, too. That takes more time, though.

Now to tackle my to-do list.

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  • Stacey

    I hope you both had a most beautiful trip! I look forward to seeing some of the pictures.

    I wouldnt worry too much about having photographs similar to each other, they will always be a little different. And what ever sells, sells, if thats the direction you are going to go. But also you will end up with so many pictures you wont have to put up the similar ones. It will all flow as it is meant to.

    The little bit of advice I have about selling the pictures is that coffee houses and such are good for people to see them, but they rarely buy them. If you can get into any galleries (make appointments to go in with a portfolio of your work) you will have better luck selling prints. Cards always sell well, some places will buy cards out right from you, and others will want to do on consignment, try to sell out right if possible, much much easier. Also try to get your stuff into local shops. Places that sell artsy, pretty things. Once you start to get them into different places you will find the money will start coming in. I also recomend custom matting (learn to do your own) rather than buying pre made mats. It looks so much better. Good luck in the photo world!

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