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Local Coffee: Roots Coffeehouse-NRH

Mom told me about Roots Coffeehouse a few days ago so I went the other day while doing some errands. It is located in the North Richland Hills town center on Grapevine Highway across the northeast campus of Tarrant County College. They even have a blog Blog! If you read this Roots, you should update your blog and let us know what is going on!

There were a lot of outside seating for those who wish to go out.

For being an organic and fair trade oriented place I thought the prices were pretty good. I bought a cafe au lait with soy milk. I was also asked if I was a student, so there must be a discount for students. Drat, maybe I should go back to school?

Lots of cozy places to sit and the tables were full of people studying, laptops open with their coffee mugs.


I was excited to see that there was art for sale on the wall. I am curious on the process for getting art up, though.

I want these doors!

The back part of the store has a quieter feel and you could easily pretend you are tucked away in NYC.


If you are local to NRH or the Mid Cities I’d give the shop a try. Loved the atmosphere and the coffee, not too strong.

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