Sunday Morning Thoughts

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I was on my Flickr account the other day when I stumbled across this photo tucked into our gardening section. Ah, it makes me miss all of my plants. That is a variegated vanilla orchid and one of our favorite plants. We had several types of vanilla and because of Chris’ super awesome watering system on the porch they became very, very long vines. We cut them into sections to sell when we sold all of our plants. A few plants are still at Chris’ dad’s house but otherwise everything we had is gone. I think I miss our ylang-ylang tree the most, mostly because I grew that thing from seed and it managed to make it 10′ tall. Sometimes though, I am thankful we don’t have to tend to plants and add it to another thing to worry about right now. We have both talked about having animals when we get a yard, he wants to keep bees and I thought about chickens, but I’m wondering about how well they will do on extended trips away. Kinda hard to get the neighbor to watch your pet chickens!

In case you haven’t noticed, I am on a super blogging kick. I have so much to share and write, mostly photos and I just want to write, write, write! With all of this blogging kick I now want to redesign my entire site. *crap*. I don’t think I have much planned this week other than looking for jobs, changing our car title and licenses over and running out to east Texas to visit Michelle & John Paul, so perhaps I can get something done. Does anyone have a good program they know of for building a photo gallery? I started doing all of the photo stuff using HTML tables but it is a p.i.t.a. and I have no interest in keeping up with it. Ugh. I want something simple and slightly flashy.

Right now Chris has made his own Flickr account to showcase all of his fancy photos: go here to check it out!

Ah, well. I guess that’s it, or what I could pull out of my brain this morning. We went to the Grapevine Wine Fest last night and it was much too crowded. And expensive. I feel like an old fart (sorry to old farts everywhere…!). Apparently when one turns 30 everything becomes ridiculously expensive, such as at the movie theater yesterday afternoon when I wanted to buy a Vitamin Water. At the gas station they run maybe $1.50 or so. They wanted $4.50 at the theater. Seriously? No thanks. At the wine fest turkey legs were $8. Really? At least the wine wasn’t exorbitant and was around $4 or $5 a glass which seems about normal for a house wine at a restaurant.

So, (wow, I am pulling more things out of my head!) I finally went to see Eat, Pray, Love. I read the book a few years ago and loved it and I was not disappointed by the movie. I do think they sped up the Bali part to move through it a bit, though. Javier Bardem made me forget how much of a psycho he was in No Country For Old Men. Mom thought he was Denny from Grey’s Anatomy; similarly hot, but not the same.

Alas, maybe I am done rambling now. What are you doing on your Sunday?


  • Patrice L

    See! We do agree about how ridiculously expensive some things can be!

    I just finished reading “Eat, Pray, Love” finally and liked it too!

    Good luck with job searching this week … I’ll be doing much of the same!

  • chelle

    Have yet to read that one. Have interest, but so little time. This day was spent with lists of “to-dos” and very little checked off it seems. At least we were able to make it to the store to get a few necessities before JP goes to work tomorrow. Yesterday was productive. We got Kai’s tree Lucy in the ground (thanks to my dad and his bobcat help – yes, the ground is THAT ridiculously clay/rock/hard packed) and we napped and went to a wedding. Tomorrow perhaps we will get the crepe myrtle planted and a few more outdoor gardening ‘make Chelle happy’ things done 🙂 As I type, JP is doing school work and the dogs are snoring loud enough for me to not hear the music from his computer. lol

    I am hoping it doesn’t rain and we can have fun with some portrait photography when you are here!!!!

    We got your message and ANY day you want to come will be super lovely with us! – your room is ready!

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