Ballooning above Plano

Chris’ mom got us a ride on a hot air balloon on Friday morning for the Plano Balloon Fest. I was leery of going because of some previous accidents in which I was thrown out of some boats and some really bumpy airplane rides, but the ride was pretty smooth. We didn’t go far or high due to zero wind and I wasn’t that appreciative of the guide bumping the treeline on purpose, but it was fun to see. I definitely wouldn’t do it again but if you don’t have issues with heights I’d would suggest going!










  • Candace Waits

    Very cool! I wanted to go so bad this year, but I didn’t want to get little Ashley out in this heat, especially with the mosquitos. It looks like you had fun! If you are still in Plano, we need to get together! =o)

  • Stacey

    You got some great pictures though! And its an experience to remember. I have always been nervous about going on a hot air baloon, but I would like to some day, just to experience it.

  • chelle

    swooning with jealousy – you have NO idea! the east texas balloon races have always made me long for a balloon ride!….. *sigh* and *swoooooooon*

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