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The Ocean

Yesterday Zoe got to play in her pool, she is such a water baby.

While jumping up and down to give me some big splashes she tells me that she’s swimming in the ocean.

The girl has imagination! She’s swimming in a teeny tiny kids pool and think she’s in the ocean!

And I started thinking, what if we all turned our pools into oceans?

If we turned our city houses into farm houses?

If our neighborhood walks became ridge walks in the woods?

Or if we became so excited about seeing the moon in the middle of the day we grab the nearest person to share it with? I loved when she yelled “THE MOON, THE MOON!”.

When you are too busy to breathe, stop and find something tiny to marvel out, or maybe just marvel at the moon. I’m always amazed at how fast it changes. Last week it was full and now it is waning.

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