Candied Apples

My sister in law has been doing creative things with Zoe on Tuesday evenings when my brother is in class. This week’s creative thing happened to be making candied apples. We peeled off each wrapper from the caramels after several of us asked if there wasn’t a block of caramel or something along those lines […]


So, a three week absence rendered this kid more talkative, not that she wasn’t talking and talkative, but she’s much more of a conversationalist now. Oh, and she’s bossy. While I was gone mom sent me a video of Zoe swinging on her belly. Chris and I then proceeded to randomly say “I swinging” and […]

Fall Reading

I’m a big reader, or at least I used to be. My nose used to be in a book constantly until I went to college and life took a turn for studying and friends and I remember going to the Galveston Public Library for the first time and feeling so out of place but also […]

Fall Thoughts

-I get annoyed when people don’t seem to appreciate the Fall that we have in the south. Sure, it isn’t as glorious with color as the northeast, but you have to take the subtle hints of Fall and run with them. The wonderful Fall blooms are still lingering, goldenrod, sunflowers, crotons (not the tropical, hideous […]

The Woods: Animal Edition

I was about to put flagging tape on this sapling when I saw this snake! I’d seen his relative a few miles away earlier in the day and was surprised to see another one. I think it is a rough green, Opheodrys aestivus. I only had my point and shoot for work, not my good […]

Thoughts on Creativity

This topic has been on my mind a bit lately but it was a post by a friend (that I’ve never met but know through my friends Marc & Eliana), Chel, yesterday that really got me going even more on it. Hiking on the Appalachian Trail for five months will really set your priorities straight. […]

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