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Monday Musings: Tomatoes, Jobs and Photos

This cool weather has me missing tomato season in Florida. This time of year we would have already started our seeds and they would be growing and starting to bloom. Our biggest harvests would be from December to February. Chiot’s Run was showing some seed saving recently and it had me dreaming about tomatoes. I miss the Ball jars lining our sink and kitchen window, fermenting and cleaning off the left over tomato bits. Oh, they stunk to high heaven when you took the plastic off, but the beautiful little seed pearls were what we wanted for growing next year. All of my seeds are tucked away in our storage container right now.

Cherry Ranch 210
Maybe we would have a mini jungle growing by now.

misti playing around 189

little slough and tomatoes 055

Ah, in other news it looks like Chris and I will be taking a temporary position doing compliance monitoring for threatened and endangered species in east Texas. This is a great opportunity and it is awesome it worked out that we could both do the job. So, it may be sparse on here during the next two months, but then again maybe not. I will have the laptop and be able to get on the internet as time permits in the evenings. This doesn’t start until next week so I will try and get a few other posts up and going until then.

Meanwhile we still plan on working on our website. Chris has been working on the main page and it looks awesome! I have been researching portrait photography pricing and it seems that there is some variety to the cost of sitting fees and for either actual photo packages and/or the cd. Apparently there is a debate on whether or not to make available the digital files for clients to purchase. Some do, some don’t, some only make a certain size available, like 8×10 or 5×7. It is all just confusing and I guess you really can’t go wrong with making a choice in how you are going to do it. Anyway, it’s just a big headache, but I’ll have time at my new job to think about it!

I’ve got a few Nature in the City posts to write up and more AT posts, too. This weekend we’re heading to Galveston for a Sea Aggie reunion which I am thoroughly looking forward to!

Happy week folks!


  • chelle

    yay on the job! we haven’t been able to print our photos 🙁 we were going to print 4x6s for both parents but they are saved as .jpg instead of .jpeg files and even after taking them from dvd (on the desktop, my laptop didn’t even recognize :\) to the harddrive to a CD they still wouldn’t go to print. we aren’t done trying but i’m just kinda sad 🙁

    sooo excited for you guys tho and i hope you have a blast at the reunion!!!

  • Chris

    Congrats on the jobs! Who knows, maybe it’ll turn into something bigger and better…also, congrats on pursuing your photography “career”!! Can’t wait to see your website…awesome!

  • mom

    I’m dreaming of all the stuff you will grow in the future gardens.. Lots and Lots! I’m ready for more spaghetti sauce! Praying for you. Love

  • Patrice L

    I’m catching up on your blog posts now and I’m happy about the job prospect for you both!!! Good luck and hopefully it will turn into something bigger and better!

    I will be sending you an e-mail soon about some trail questions/LT info.

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