Nature in the City: Katie’s Woods

Katie’s Woods Park

After visiting the Trophy Club Park we drove around Lake Grapevine and saw a sign for Katie’s Woods. We decided to take a peek.

Snakes??? Sweet! Too bad we didn’t see any.


Sunflower with spider
I spotted this flower to take a shot when I noticed the little friend underneath the petal there on the right.

I moved the flower ’round and ’round to get some shots of what I believe to be Misumenops celer.


I loved this little purple flower, thinking it was a violet, but the rest of the plant is distinctively non-violet. Any ideas?

We took the trails alongside the lake. Several fishermen were hoping to catch a bite.



More unidentified yellow asters, but providing a lovely setting on the rocks near the water.



If you are in the area it’s worth a stop to peek in and take a short walk. The park itself isn’t that large, but it makes for a quick nature escape

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2 thoughts on “Nature in the City: Katie’s Woods

  1. Sara says:

    Beautiful pictures Misti!!! Your tiny spider looks like pollen! 🙂

  2. mom says:

    Nice place. I wish I had time to walk around.

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