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Hi there! I’ve been super busy and now that I’ve started a temporary job I will be working 10+ hour days for the next whenever. Yep, whenever. We were told 10 on, 4 off, but apparently that isn’t quite the way it works. Some people have been working three weeks on, a week off, some are on 47 days straight. I dunno, but I’ll do this for awhile but I am hoping to hear from something with a better schedule!

Until then I am spending evenings working on photos and who knows what else while holed up in this motel. Here are some photos I took of Zoe last week. I really miss that kid!

Hamming it up before we go jumping off the slide.

WEEEE! She had way too much fun doing this!

Sweet and angelic! Her fingernails are an Aunt T special. Pink on the fingers and purple on the toes. I even let her do mine one day; they were quickly taken off after, but she had fun and wanted to be a big girl!

Going up the slide by herself! I normally help her climb up and of course she gets a big kick out of it.

More WEEEEEE! Look at her fly!

Helping Mimi come down the slide. I try to stand on the side as she goes down because she fell off another slide at a playground sometime around six months ago. So, now she is accustomed to having help and has to help others.

Mimi and Zoe running across the yard. I initially had her running but mom came out and Zoe had to have Mimi running with her.

I was sipping decaf coffee and Zoe decided she enjoyed it too and nursed it for awhile. Ah, another coffee drinker in the house!

I am missing her a lot and my family, too. I wish we had more time off so I could do more portraits. Oh well, I’ll make some money in a short time and hopefully figure things out better soon.


  • Stephanie (SIL)

    The one of mom is classic!! We will have to use that one at her 80th birthday party 🙂 We miss you bunches here too! Glad your making some money but I sure can’t wait to see you again. Love you sis!

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