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The Woods: Animal Edition

I was about to put flagging tape on this sapling when I saw this snake! I’d seen his relative a few miles away earlier in the day and was surprised to see another one. I think it is a rough green, Opheodrys aestivus. I only had my point and shoot for work, not my good one so it was a bit difficult to get a good shot.



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I haven’t had any luck identifying this hornworm, but it was a fat, cute and squishy and needed its photo taken.

The Mr. and Mrs. getting ready for dinner. The Mr. is the smaller one, by the way.

A spiny oakworm caterpillar, Anisota stigma. I found a good website for identifying caterpillars, a key of sorts, Discoverlife.org key.

An imperial moth larvae, Eacles imperialis, but it was dead. Chris got the green phase of this moth here.

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Not an animal, but pretty cool, paw paw fruit/seeds. Not sure on the particular species.

I’ve seen a few deer lately and armadillo but that’s it in the way of animals.


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